Check Out Your Neighborhood Center!

By: Doris Vallejo-Aguilar, UT Intern, Spring 2017

Did you know there are places in your neighborhood where you can get food and clothes? These places can also give your children a place to be safe and play. If you need help finding employment community centers are there to help! We can see that community centers provide a wide range of services. The services that community centers offer might depend on where they are located. For example, some community centers have pools and gymnasiums. Other community centers offer basic things like food and clothes.

If you have a hard time getting basic things like food and clothes or need a place to feel safe and supported, consider checking out your closest community center. Why? Kids can use community centers as a place to hang out and make new friends. Kids can also use their time to play sports instead of being out in the streets. For adults, community centers are great places to find resources. If you are looking for a job, community centers help you fill out forms and applications.

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In Travis County, the East Austin Neighborhood Center and Montopolis Neighborhood Center give out necessities like food, clothes and child safety seats. The St. John Community Center and the South Austin Neighborhood Center also offer health services.

The Turner-Roberts Recreation Center, Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center and Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia Recreation Center offer extracurricular activities. These community centers have different programs for children, teens, adults and seniors. There are also gymnasiums and work out equipment. We can see that community centers are places where we can stay active too!

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Austin is a city where people love to help other people. Feel this sense of community! Start by checking out your community center websites. It is time you got the support you needed. You should take the time to visit your closest community center. Plan to attend regularly and make connections with your community!

For more information, a list of community centers and their locations in the Austin area, visit

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