Planter Box from Recycled Materials

How to Make a Planter Box from Recycled Materials

Level of Difficulty: 2 out of 10 (Easy)
Source: Master Gardener JaNet Booher

Total Cost:  $20.50
Assembly Time: 2 hours with clean-up & touch-up; additional planter takes 15 minutes, so get enough tiles to make two or three total.

Make this fun planter box from recycled materials like roofing tiles or siding. Choose ceramic, stone, cement, or adobe materials for best results.

Planter box made from recycled roof tiles

The finished project made from recycled cement roof tiles.


  • 5 flat cement roofing tiles (tiles shown were purchased from the Habitat Restore for $.50 each)
  • 1 tube cement glue (Home Depot (HD), $7.50). Enough for several projects.
  • Rag, paper towels to clean-up extra glue.
  • Shellac Thinner (Denatured Alcohol), also to clean-up extra glue, (HD $7.50). Enough for several projects.
  • Paint sample to touch-up excess glue.  (HD $3)
  • Total Cost:  $20.50
  • Assembly Time: 2 hours with clean-up & touch-up; 2nd planter takes 15 minutes, so get enough tiles for 2 or 3.

Make a planter box from recycled materials


  • Wash the tiles with a scrub brush and water the prior day. Tiles must be clean and dry for the glue to stick.
  • DRY-FIT everything first! Note where sides make contact with the base and with each other. Mark with a pencil.
  • Bottom tile should be face-up. This will vary by type of tiles used.
  • Put glue on the bottom edge and one side of each tile that will form the sides. Less is best on glue. Use a thin layer.
  • Place the first two tiles simultaneously for mutual support. Then, place the other two tiles one at a time.
  • When sides are all glued and in place, check to make sure the sides are tight at the bottom and top of each corner and are straight and tight on the base.
  • Tie string around the planter if needed to hold tiles while the glue dries.
  • Clean-off extra glue.
  • Paint visible glue with matching color.
  • Let it dry in place for several days.
  • Pour water inside to check for adequate drainage. Skip this if you see light coming into the inside.

Place the planter where you want it. Fill with soil, plant, mulch, water and enjoy it.

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