Earth-Kind® Demonstration Garden by Travis County AgriLife Extension

Earth-Kind® Landscaping Practices in Action

The Earth-Kind® Demonstration Garden is a free public access garden in front of the Travis County AgriLife Extension Service offices in Austin, Texas. The demonstration garden has adopted the Earth-Kind® approach by using native and adapted plants and water-efficient design and maintenance. Check our calendar for dates of free public educational gardening demonstrations.

Passionvine at the Earth-Kind Demonstration Garden

Purple Passionvine (Passiflora incarnata) blooming at the Travis County AgriLife Extension office on 1600 Smith Road

The Earth-Kind® demonstration gardens have plants for different needs, including drought tolerance, color, full sun, and shade. There are ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, perennial flowers, Earth-Kind® roses, vines, and groundcovers. The garden is home to many species of beneficial insects.

The Earth-Kind® approach stipulates that chemical products are a last, not first, resort. The best practice is to use well-adapted, disease resistant plants and cultural practices. One example of a cultural practice is to install plants that attract beneficial insects throughout the garden to reduce the need for chemical pesticide sprays. This type of approach is called Integrated Pest Management. Regular applications of mulch and compost provide plant nutrients.

New Plants Added for Testing

The garden constantly evolves with new plants or planting beds added for testing. Check out what’s new in the gardens here. Better yet, we  encourage you to visit the Earth-Kind® Demonstration Gardens multiple times to see the changing features through the seasons. If you visit the AgriLife office during regular business hours, M-F 8 am-5 pm, and a Master Gardener is available, they would be happy to answer questions about the garden.

Guided Garden Tour Available for Groups

Travis County Master Gardeners and AgriLife Horticulture Program staff are available to lead scheduled group tours of the Earth-Kind® Demonstration Garden on Smith Road. You can check availability by emailing

Garden Locations and Plant Lists

The AgriLife office garden is located at 1600 B Smith Road, one block west of Hwy 183 and two blocks north of Bolm Road, near Austin-Bergstrom Airport. Many of the plants have labels with common and Latin names. Click here for the current plant list.

Mantid hanging out in the garden

Stagmomantis sp. (Mantodea: Mantidae) on the Cypress Vine (Ipomoea quamoclit)

Icecap rose blossom in the Earth-Kind Demonstration Garden

Icecap™ blossom in the Rose area.

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