Travis County 4-H Clubs

When considering attending a meeting for the first time, please contact the club manager to ensure the day, time, or location have not been changed.


Cele 4-H 2nd Sunday @ 2:00 pm – Cele Store in Manor Livestock, Animals, and Judging Contests Tammy Leatherman
Discover 4-H Connally High School – Time & Dates vary Food & Nutrition, Photography, Clothing and Textiles Kathie Goldsmith & Janet Mash;
Manor 4-H 1st Tuesday @ 6:30 pm – Manor United Methodist Church Livestock, Animals, Judging Contests, and Youth Fair Projects Rae Moore & Charity Werchan;
North Austin 4-H 2nd Sunday @ 3:00 pm –    Holy Family Catholic School Food & Nutrition, Citizenship, Leadership, Judging Contests, and Theatre Arts Kathryn Whitaker & Teresa Shaw
Oak Hill 4-H 1st Monday @ 7:00 pm –     Travis County Community Center, Oak Hill Livestock, Animals, Clothing & Textiles, Photography Meghan Browne & Tony Caporal;
Regents 4-H 2nd Thursday @3:30 pm –  Regents School Nature Center Livestock, Animals, Leadership, and Judging Contests Denise Blazek & Wendy Schmidt;
Shooting Sports 4-H Contact Manager Shooting Sports (only); All Disciplines Lee Lanford
Wilbarger Creek 4-H 2nd Sunday @ 4:00 pm –    Cele Store Livestock, Animals, Leadership, Judging Contests Shana Whitely & Stephanie Lanford
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