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Eat A Rainbow Halloween Style

Eat a Rainbow Presented by Travis County Master Gardeners How do you get almost 400 third and fourth graders excited about healthy eating with Halloween approaching, which is one of the unhealthiest holidays? Answer… use a colorful poster, sparkling bracelets, and interactive teaching to reinforce that colorful foods are healthy. Twelve enthusiastic Travis County Master Gardeners did just that at the Science of Agriculture Event at the Travis County Exposition Center on Thursday, October 5th. The event consisted of eight separate sessions for the Title 1 schools. The… Read More →

In Austin’s October Vegetable Garden

Fall Finally Arrives in the October Vegetable Garden I am so thankful for fall weather. Shorter days and cool mornings have brought back the gardening enthusiasm that the relentless heat of summer usually drains. That small stretch of rain we had last month really helped too. If you haven’t already, take advantage of the mild, frost-free weather this month and get cole crops, root crops, greens, and garlic established in the garden. Try Garlic This Year Garlic makes a great addition to any garden as long as you… Read More →

What’s Happening in Austin’s September Vegetable Garden

September Vegetable Garden Checklist Tips from Paula Wolfel Vegetable gardeners and most everyone else welcome the arrival of September because it means cooler temperatures are on the way. Though the daytime temperatures are still hot, at some point in September, the nighttime temperatures begin to fall. That little drop will take heat stress off of plants and help make our gardens beautiful again. Gardeners are enjoying harvests from the plants that survived their summer gardens such as eggplant, cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes as well starting new with fall… Read More →

What’s Happening in Austin’s August Vegetable Garden

Stay Hydrated and Keep the August Vegetable Garden Going –  Tips from Paula Wolfel August is an interesting time for gardeners in Austin. Vegetable gardens consist of plants that have survived or are surviving the heat but have dormant and empty spots from plants that succumbed to high temperatures or pests and diseases. For those who have tomato, pepper, eggplant, squash, melons, and cucumbers that are still going strong, continue to water daily and to provide a water-soluble fertilizer once a week. If you’ve got empty spots or… Read More →

What’s Happening in Austin’s July Vegetable Garden

July Vegetable Garden Checklist Tips from Paula Wolfel The July heat slows things down in the Austin vegetable garden. For most gardeners, July gardening consists of either trying to keep plants alive with daily watering until the temperatures drop again in late summer, or planning for their fall gardens. Heat and lack of rain can adversely affect growth and pollination so if your plants are not producing new fruits but remain green, try to hold tight until the temperatures drop. And in the meantime, start planning your fall… Read More →

Wells Branch Community Library Plant Clinic and Seed Swap

Master Gardener Plant Clinic and Seed Swap at Wells Branch Community Library The Wells Branch Community Library is hosting the Master Gardener Plant Clinic during their seed swap event. Travis County Master Gardener Jane Kurzawa Cravey will be conducting a short seminar at 1:30 pm and again at 3:00 pm on vegetable gardening. She is joined by several other Master Gardeners who can answer questions on  the best plants for the Austin area, lawn care, fertilizers, pest management, landscaping challenges, vegetable gardens, and native plants. Look for their… Read More →

What’s Happening in Austin’s June Vegetable Garden

June Vegetable Garden Checklist Tips from Paula Wolfel It is June and it is getting hot! Although we were spoiled with some good rain last month, we also had a few over 90 degree days. With this heat, watering will be the most important part of your gardening regiment. But in my opinion, June is the best month to enjoy all the work you have put into your garden to date. Your June Vegetable Garden Checklist: WATER Water is the most important factor in the garden as the… Read More →

Plant Clinic at Leaf Landscape North

Master Gardener Plant Clinic at Leaf Landscape Supply North The Master Gardener Plant Clinic at the Leaf Landscape North can answer questions on self-watering containers, composting, the best plants for the Austin area, lawn care, fertilizers, pest management, landscaping challenges, growing vegetables, and native plants. Look for their table at the Leaf Landscape Supply North, 13292 Pond Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78729. In addition to sharing their experience and training, several publications are on hand for you to review or take with you. You’ll find the Native and… Read More →

What’s Happening in Austin’s January Vegetable Garden

January Vegetable Garden Checklist Tips from Paula Wolfel January is surprisingly an exciting time for Austin vegetable gardeners because this is when the bulk of your spring garden planning can occur! Continue to make preparations for the lower temperatures, and watch the rain because this time or year we can reduced our irrigations needs. Make sure you continue to protect all new transplants from freeze and their first frost.  If the temperatures falls below 28 degrees then cover your plants, securing them with soil, bricks, rocks, or pins. … Read More →

Austin’s November Vegetable Garden By Paula Wolfel

Although the daytime temperatures may not indicate it, Fall has arrived for Austin’s November Vegetable Garden. It’s that goofy time of year where you are finally enjoying your summer garden and yet preparing for the first frost. According to National Weather Service, the average first frost in Austin is November 29th. Thinking Ahead: Preparation for the First Frost We know it’s coming, so make preparations now so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Two things you can do right now is to mulch around all your… Read More →