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Austin’s August Vegetable Garden

Stay Hydrated and Keep Gardening! I’m not going to lie. I lose the will to garden in the August vegetable garden. I’m out of rainwater, the heat is relentless, and the last thing I want to do is battle the sun to save some seedlings. But somehow, I bully myself into doing it anyway, and it’s a good thing. If you wait until the weather is easier to deal with, you will be out of luck for fall gardening. Last Call for Warm Season Vegetable Starts The first… Read More →

In the Central Texas June Vegetable Garden

Harvest the June Vegetable Garden Before the Squirrels Wake Up! June is normally the peak harvest season for many spring-planted vegetables. However, we’ve had such a dry year, that many of you may be experiencing delays or have watched plants wither under the heat. Others have seen early harvests of tomatoes and cucumbers due to warm temperatures. If you haven’t learned it by now, there is no “normal” for Austin vegetable gardeners! Cracking Tomatoes? Speaking of tomatoes, the warm days of May have contributed to some vigorous plant… Read More →

In Austin’s May Vegetable Garden

Summer Season Has Arrived in the May Vegetable Garden It’s right about now that gardeners really settle in to bragging about what they are harvesting from their garden. It can be really annoying if yours isn’t as far along or if the deer and squirrels have picked everything clean. But if you are one of the lucky ones and are enjoying squash, cucumbers, and maybe even a tomato, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it for surviving the rough spring that we’ve had. May is the beginning… Read More →

In the April Vegetable Garden for Austin and Travis County

The April Vegetable Garden is the Best! April is the most glorious month for a vegetable gardener. Even if late March freezes have flattened your plantings, April is the month where everything aligns to thrive. I’m especially enjoying the bluebonnets growing in amongst my vegetable beds, my continuing harvest of pea shoots and spinach, and the (finally) quickly growing potato plants. Here is the checklist for the April vegetable garden: FERTILIZE Fertilize corn when it is one to two feet tall. Use a water-soluble fertilizer on tomatoes every… Read More →

In the Austin March Vegetable Garden

Is it Going to Freeze Again in the March Vegetable Garden? The first week of March is the average last day of frost but remain diligent and listen to the weather forecast. Soil temperatures and sneaky freezes will impact seed germination and plant viability. Use a Soil Thermometer Since weather apps don’t tell you how warm the soil is, the best monitoring tool is a soil thermometer. If you are a home composter or baker, you may already have thermometers you can use. If your thermometer has a… Read More →

In the February Vegetable Garden

Hope Springs Eternal in the February Vegetable Garden After a series of hard freezes in January, I turn an eye to February in hopes that I can get some things in the ground and get the vegetable garden growing again. I’d better because I bought too many seeds again from all those helpful catalogs that I got in the mail. The trick is, though, to get the timing right because we are not in the frost-free zone yet. Don’t be fooled by those balmy days. Keep a diligent… Read More →

In the January Vegetable Garden

Freeze Wallops the January Vegetable Garden And just like that the hard freeze arrives and wipes out a good portion of my January vegetable garden. Happy new year to you too mother nature! Like many of you, I’ve been gardening like crazy up until a few days ago and enjoying constant harvests from just about everything. I was even picking okra! But not anymore. All those tender vegetables and herbs are blackened and shriveled from the hard freeze that hit my Austin garden. I’ve been paying attention to… Read More →

In the October Vegetable Garden

Fall Finally Arrives in the October Vegetable Garden I am so thankful for fall weather. Shorter days and cool mornings have brought back the gardening enthusiasm that the relentless heat of summer usually drains. If you haven’t already, take advantage of the mild, frost-free weather this month and get cole crops, root crops, greens, and garlic established in the garden. Try Garlic This Year Garlic makes a great addition to any garden as long as you pick the right variety for the time of year you plan to… Read More →

Epic Tomatoes from YOUR Garden with Craig LeHoullier

Craig LeHoullier invites you to buckle up and travel with him through his decades living amongst his passion, growing tomatoes, in his talk “Epic Tomatoes from YOUR Garden – some history, stories, and tips and tricks for success”. Packed with photos from his various gardens, Craig will spend the first half talking about the tomatoes themselves, providing all you will need to plan your own successful tomato adventure. After a question break, Craig will return to share how to make it all happen, from planting seeds to harvesting… Read More →

In the August Vegetable Garden with Patty Leander

 Transition Time in the August Vegetable Garden August is a transitional time in the vegetable garden as we clean up the remnants from summer and plan and prep for the milder days that will come. The first frost in Central Texas usually arrives in late November or early December which means we have over 3 months of frost-free weather ahead. Many gardeners concentrate on the array of cool season vegetables that thrive in fall’s cooler temperatures though there is also time for a fresh planting of green beans,… Read More →