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In the October Vegetable Garden

Fall Finally Arrives in the October Vegetable Garden I am so thankful for fall weather. Shorter days and cool mornings have brought back the gardening enthusiasm that the relentless heat of summer usually drains. If you haven’t already, take advantage of the mild, frost-free weather this month and get cole crops, root crops, greens, and garlic established in the garden. Try Garlic This Year Garlic makes a great addition to any garden as long as you pick the right variety for the time of year you plan to… Read More →

Epic Tomatoes from YOUR Garden with Craig LeHoullier

Craig LeHoullier invites you to buckle up and travel with him through his decades living amongst his passion, growing tomatoes, in his talk “Epic Tomatoes from YOUR Garden – some history, stories, and tips and tricks for success”. Packed with photos from his various gardens, Craig will spend the first half talking about the tomatoes themselves, providing all you will need to plan your own successful tomato adventure. After a question break, Craig will return to share how to make it all happen, from planting seeds to harvesting… Read More →

In the August Vegetable Garden with Patty Leander

 Transition Time in the August Vegetable Garden August is a transitional time in the vegetable garden as we clean up the remnants from summer and plan and prep for the milder days that will come. The first frost in Central Texas usually arrives in late November or early December which means we have over 3 months of frost-free weather ahead. Many gardeners concentrate on the array of cool season vegetables that thrive in fall’s cooler temperatures though there is also time for a fresh planting of green beans,… Read More →

In the July Vegetable Garden by Patty Leander

It’s Time to Take a Break in the July Vegetable Garden For most gardeners July is a slow month in the vegetable garden, some might call it a dormant season. The heat and lack of rain can adversely affect growth and pollination, so after the tomato harvest winds down, the beans peter out and the squash succumbs to heat and pests, it’s a good time to take a break and focus on the upcoming fall season. Start Planning the Fall Garden Check your seed inventory and peruse seed… Read More →

Vegetable Gardening in Central Texas with Sheryl Williams

Join us on June 15 to learn more about Vegetable Gardening in Central Texas. Growing your own food can be one of the most rewarding types of gardening activities you can do. It can be as equally frustrating when dealing with Central Texas soils, weather, water, and pest challenges. Join Travis County Master Gardener Sheryl Williams for this no-nonsense guide on how to succeed with your vegetable patch. Topics covered are How Much to Plant, Site Selection, Water, Soil Preparation, Fertilization, Weeds & Pests, Planting, Compost & Mulch,… Read More →

In the June Vegetable Garden by Patty Leander

May brought the rain and pleasant gardening weather and June brings the heat and abundant sunshine to the vegetable garden. And with onion tops falling over, bean pods growing longer, cucumbers filling out, potato plants dying down and tomatoes coloring up it is also a big harvest month for many gardeners. Storage Crop Harvesting Tips Here are some tips for harvesting storage crops that usually reach maturity this month: Garlic Garlic leaves that begin to yellow are an indication that bulbs are ready for harvest. Dig the plants… Read More →

In Austin’s May Vegetable Garden by Patty Leander

Hurray for the May vegetable garden! The rush of spring planting has passed, the chance for unexpected cold snaps is over and we are headed toward summer and the much-anticipated vegetable harvest. May Vegetable Garden Checklist WATER Conserve water by using drip irrigation or soaker hoses to deliver moisture to the root zone and avoid overhead watering which may encourage disease. If you have automatic irrigation, be sure to turn it off when rain is in the forecast. FERTILIZE Help vegetable plantings along by providing consistent moisture and… Read More →

In the April Vegetable Garden for Austin by Patty Leander

Add Perseverance to Your April Gardening Checklist Who could have imagined that our pandemic spring of 2020 would be followed by a paralyzing deep freeze in 2021? Gardening and restarts go hand in hand but the recovery and resets in the season ahead are still to be determined. Like many gardeners, I am wondering about the status of several plants in my landscape. Roses and dandelions act like nothing happened, lantana is showing signs of regrowth, Barbados cherry appears brown and brittle, and poor prickly pear cactus turned… Read More →

Backyard Bug Hunt Webinars: Vegetable Pest IPM

Join us for this week’s Backyard Bug Hunt Webinar on Vegetable Pest IPM Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest management strategy using economically and environmentally sustainable practices. Wizzie Brown, Travis County Extension Program Specialist – Integrated Pest Management, will tell you how to practice IPM in the vegetable garden. Meeting Information Date: Friday, March 12 Time: 10 AM Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcqcuyorzMuH9HxXn93CTKKHpZgT9OvpfEi After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The webinar is free, you will not be asked for… Read More →

In the March Vegetable Garden

Starting Over in the March Vegetable Garden? Wow. The Arctic Blast of February 2021 was a doozey! Many cool season plants that normally can withstand cold, suffered damage or died during the week of freezing temperatures. I plant fava beans in the fall so that I can get a nice crop as early as January. They normally do just fine, even in a freeze, but not this year. The tops suffered a lot of damage, but have put on new growth in the days following the ice storm…. Read More →