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April Vegetable Garden Checklist

April Vegetable Garden is My Favorite The April vegetable garden is my favorite month to play in the yard and it’s been relatively bug-free thanks to recent cold snaps. My brassicas are usually covered in beetles as the weather warms, but so far, I’m the only one eating my kale, turnips, and arugula. This past winter I mulched with pine straw and learned that it was a mistake. The straw was loose enough that it provided the perfect cover for snails. I’ve been picking them off the plants… Read More →

Cutworms by Wizzie Brown

It’s That Time of Year for Cutworm Damage Granulate cutworms are damaging in the immature, or larval stage. Cutworms can cut plant seedlings stems off at the soil level and on older plants they can climb the plant and feed on foliage or fruit. Young larvae skeletonize leaves while older larvae eat holes in foliage, feed on the surface of fruit, or burrow into fruit. Larvae are nocturnal, which may make it difficult to discover the culprit of plant damage. You may need to inspect the garden at… Read More →