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Tree Damage RX

Assisting our Dynamic Wonders The tree damage from the recent ice storm continues to plague Travis County, fueled by several high wind events. Branches are now falling or hanging when they looked fine right after the storm. Our challenge now is to continue to survey and review our trees for pruning, signs of life, or terminal damage. Let’s look at several examples to acclimate to detecting damage and how best to address. Mother Nature’s Stubs In my last post (Trees CODIT for Ice Storm Aftermath), I discussed pruning… Read More →

Trees CODIT for Ice Storm Aftermath

Tree – Heal Thyself! With the most recent ice storm and freezing temperatures, it makes you wonder what mother nature will do next to our trees and landscapes. Think about it, we had the “Snowpocalypse” of 2021, the drought of 2022, and now the “Icepocalypse” of 2023. Our trees are definitely in a weakened state and with so many also incurring ice damage, is a large portion of our natural landscape at risk? We have trees documented in our area that are 100+ years old. That’s before people… Read More →