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Our Dive into Rainwater Collection by Martha King

Rainwater collection instead of a pool? When I retired, my partner Beverly and I considered building a swimming pool. But the more we thought about a pool, the more trouble and expensive it sounded. It also didn’t seem environmentally responsible in a world that is becoming increasingly more focused on water conservation. Instead we dove headfirst into installing a rainwater collection system. Get the biggest tank that you can afford I consulted with experts about the scope of such a project. The collective advice was to invest in… Read More →

No Rain Barrel? No Problem! Harvest Rainwater Simply by Liz Caskey

New to Rainwater Harvesting? You don’t need to purchase a premade barrel or install a full capture system to harvest rainwater. A great first step to collect rainwater for your garden is to use pans, buckets, or any empty drink container. I can tell a difference in my plants when I water them with rainwater, since it does not include the chemicals found in tap water. I prefer to use rainwater on my decorative plants and vegetables. My Japanese Maples especially like it, since they seem to be… Read More →