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Irrigation Smart Controllers with Charles Swanson

Irrigation Smart Controllers Webinar May 11th As weather patterns can change from rainy to drought annually and seasonally in Texas, knowing when and how much to water your landscape can be a challenge. This webinar will breakdown the basics of irrigation scheduling and how technologies like smart controllers can be great tools for managing irrigation and conserving water. Charles L. Swanson, Extension Program Specialist II – Landscape Irrigation, is the webinar presenter. He will also share performance results from over 10 years of smart controller testing in Texas…. Read More →

Beat the Heat by Watering From the Bottom Up By Kirk Walden

Reservoir Planters Help Beat the Heat When I moved to Austin in 1998, our first house had a balcony outside our master bedroom. I was delighted that I would be able to wake up every morning to a beautiful array of flowers arranged in pots right outside our windows. It worked well in March. By June, I was watering the pots twice a day. By August, I couldn’t keep anything alive. That’s because the balcony faced due west and had no roof. I gave up until fall. It… Read More →

Drought to Deluge: Water-Wise Ways with Kirk Walden

Join us on May 25th to learn more about Water-Wise Ways. Central Texas weather swings wildly and general rules about when to start irrigating or how to water sometimes don’t apply to Austin. Recurrent droughts and municipal water restrictions add to the challenge of designing water-wise landscapes that recognize water as a precious commodity. This program covers water-wise garden design principles and plant selection, as well as watering equipment and techniques that can keep a garden thriving despite hot, arid conditions. Participants will come away with specific knowledge… Read More →