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A Lawn for All Seasons with Dean Minchillo

Lawn for All Seasons begins 2022 Program Texas A&M AgriLife Extension-Travis County kicks off the 2022 educational series with A Lawn for All Seasons – Best Management Practices for a Healthy Happy Lawn. April 20th, 10 am to noon. Dean Minchillo, Extension Program Specialist with the Urban Water Team will provide tips on keeping a lawn healthy during drought or watering restrictions. The program will be presented utilizing a webinar format and interested parties are encouraged to register now. Dean Minchillo will talk about how various species handle… Read More →

Plant Pecans – The Bare Minimums by Ray Prewitt

The Other Best Time to Plant Pecans After discovering a small, mature, and very neglected pecan orchard on our new homestead some years back, the saying that the ‘best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago’ never rang truer. February is an important month for pecans and many other fruit and nut trees that thrive in our area. It’s my last chance to collect scions for grafting and my last chance to get bare-root trees in the ground to shore up production from my aging trees…. Read More →

Time to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees by Alina Flasinska

Now that the big freeze is over (knock on wood) and we are coming up on the end of meteorological winter, it’s time to get those bare root fruit trees in the ground! You may have seen the tempting displays popping up in local stores and nurseries. After this cold weekend, I know I’ve started dreaming of a flush of blossoms in the spring and fresh fruit jams in the summer and fall. BARE ROOT FRUIT TREES A bare root fruit tree is a tree has been dug… Read More →

Overwintering our Friends by Marge Trachtenberg

Overwinter Plants During Austin’s Crazy February Storms We have all read the books and articles on how to overwinter plants in the house. We read that we should start getting them used to less light, less water, less fertilizer, and less attention. We read that we should check for diseases, insects or even slithering critters, before making the transition from outside to inside. It all makes for good common sense, especially for those of us with a geranium or two, a Sansevieria that lives under the trees all… Read More →

Austin Landscapes Survive 2021 Winter Storm Uri by Yvonne Schneider

Travis County Master Gardeners Track Winter Freeze Recovery Process Numerous landscape plants and trees were toppled by the freezing rain and snow sent by Winter Storm Uri in February, with most plant foliage becoming brown and crispy within days or weeks. Homeowners and gardeners wondered – do we have to start over with the landscape, and how much is all this going to cost? Can we even find the plants we’d like to buy? The Travis County Master Gardeners had the same questions, and researched the progress of… Read More →

In the December Vegetable Garden

When is it Winter in Austin Texas? Winter is a relative term for the December vegetable garden if you live in Austin. The first freeze hasn’t arrived yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lurking around the corner (the average frost date is the first week of December.) It is classic weather for Austin – which means anything can happen. According to NOAA, we have entered into a La Nina weather pattern, which for us here in Central Texas means we can expect warmer than normal temperatures and… Read More →

In Austin’s November Vegetable Garden

First Frost on the Way Fall has arrived and winter is on the way, but there is still plenty to do in the November vegetable garden. The first frost to Central Texas usually arrives after Thanksgiving (the average is the first week of December.) We are lucky that even with the occasional frost we have many  mild days that are perfect for cool season vegetable growth. Your November vegetable garden plan is to get your plants through the cold snaps so they can keep growing until ready for… Read More →

In the October Vegetable Garden

Fall Finally Arrives in the October Vegetable Garden I am so thankful for fall weather. Shorter days and cool mornings have brought back the gardening enthusiasm that the relentless heat of summer usually drains. If you haven’t already, take advantage of the mild, frost-free weather this month and get cole crops, root crops, greens, and garlic established in the garden. Try Garlic This Year Garlic makes a great addition to any garden as long as you pick the right variety for the time of year you plan to… Read More →

Home Fruit Production with Dr. Larry Stein

Join us on September 14th from 10 am to noon to learn more about home fruit production. Dr. Larry Stein, Associate Department Head for Extension Horticulture from Texas A&M University will help you plan for and manage fruit in your landscape. Dr. Stein guides you to the types and varieties of fruit that grow successfully in Travis County, especially as it relates to the thin Edwards Plateau soils to the west and the heavy clay Blackland Prairies soils on the east side.  He will explain how chill hours… Read More →

Epic Tomatoes from YOUR Garden with Craig LeHoullier

Craig LeHoullier invites you to buckle up and travel with him through his decades living amongst his passion, growing tomatoes, in his talk “Epic Tomatoes from YOUR Garden – some history, stories, and tips and tricks for success”. Packed with photos from his various gardens, Craig will spend the first half talking about the tomatoes themselves, providing all you will need to plan your own successful tomato adventure. After a question break, Craig will return to share how to make it all happen, from planting seeds to harvesting… Read More →