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Backyard Bug Webinars: Fly Identification and Management

Join us for this week’s Backyard Bug Webinar There are many types of flies in Texas that live in close proximity to humans. Because some can carry diseases of humans and domestic animals, it is important to keep their populations low. Understanding their habits and life cycle can help you manage their populations. Wizzie Brown, Travis County Extension Program Specialist – Integrated Pest Management, will help you identify the most common flies and give you tips for controlling them. Join her for this webex presentation. Meeting Information Date: Friday,… Read More →

***CANCELED***TASTE 360° Farm-To-Table Conference

   THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED In light of heightened concern and caution to protect guests from COVID-19, Texas A&M Extension has decided to CANCEL the TASTE 360 Conference that was scheduled to be held at the Texas A&M University Campus and TAMU Gardens on March 20-21, 2020. Grow Food, Be an Entrepreneur; Learn How it’s Done Learn how to grow nutritious food in your backyard and turn it into a farm-to-table business! Come to the Taste 360 conference March 20-21, 2020 for dinner and workshops. Texas A&M… Read More →