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Austin’s December Vegetable Garden by Paula Wolfel

Hooray for Rain! Gardening slows down a bit during this month.  As predicted, some of us had our first freeze a few weeks ago, as well as lots of rain!!   So hopefully all preparations were made last month for the lower temperatures, and the rain reduced irrigations needs. Make sure you continue to protect all new transplants from freeze and their first frost in the December vegetable garden.  If the temperatures fall below 28 degrees then cover your plants, securing them with soil, bricks, rocks, or pins.  In… Read More →

Help Overwintering Insects by Wizzie Brown

Provide Shelter for Overwintering Insects If you want to help increase the survival of overwintering insects these next few months, there are some things you can do to provide them with shelter during colder times of the year. Why Bother? First of all, why should you provide shelter for overwintering insects? Not all insects are pests! It is estimated that less than 5% of insect species are considered pests which means the majority of insects are beneficial or just hanging around the landscape. Any of you that have… Read More →

Leach Teaching Gardens Visit by Kay Angermann

Texas A&M Campus-More than tailgating and football When most folks from central Texas think about Texas A&M, they think about the days of big football rivalries, core cadets and not so funny Aggie jokes. I spent quite a few weekends at A&M with my Aggie friends in my 20’s going to bonfires, games and doing what college kids do. I did not realize until a few recent visits how large and beautiful the Texas A&M campus is. As of 2021 it has a total undergraduate enrollment of 56,723,… Read More →

Austin’s November Vegetable Garden By Paula Wolfel

Although the daytime temperatures may not indicate it, Fall has arrived for Austin’s November Vegetable Garden. It’s that goofy time of year where you are finally enjoying your summer garden and yet preparing for the first frost. According to National Weather Service, the average first frost in Austin is November 29th. Thinking Ahead: Preparation for the First Frost We know it’s coming, so make preparations now so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Two things you can do right now is to mulch around all your… Read More →

Festival Food Beach East Feast

Join us for a Plant Clinic at East Feast! You are invited to join the Travis County Master Gardener Plant Clinic on Saturday, October 29, 2022 5pm-8pm to help Festival Beach Food Forest celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The East Feast is open to all and features food, music, and activities for all ages. Please join us at 25 1/2 Waller Street, Austin TX, across from the Edward Rendon Sr Park. Use this link to RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/east-feast-2022-roots-wings-festival-tickets-439354490107 Festivities include: a haunted forest spooky forest teas photo booth harvest… Read More →

Last Chance for Fall Plant Cuttings

Take Herbaceous Plant Cuttings Now October is a great time to take plant cuttings of your favorite perennials to propagate in your greenhouse or home over the winter. Propagating your own plants now helps to preserve plants that might be lost in the upcoming freezes and is a source of free plants for spring planting. Eight Steps for Successful Plant Propagation Propagation Medium The first thing you need is the right medium to root your cuttings in. Aeration, drainage and ability to hold moisture are all important characteristics… Read More →

Where are the Birds?

Are Migratory Bird Populations Down? Dr. Maureen Frank, an Assistant Professor & Extension Wildlife Specialist, recently issued a wildlife update based on the several questions she’s received this fall about bird populations. Maureen reports that she’s hearing from backyard birders who have noticed their feeders are awfully quiet, and they are wondering if something is wrong. It’s Normal for Fall to be Quiet Fall is a pretty quiet time for birds, especially before the cold fronts arrive. The species that breed in the Austin area in the summer… Read More →

Earth-Kind Gardening Field Day 2022

Travis County AgriLife Extension Service   1600 Smith Road, Austin, TX 78721 Free Admission Free Workshops Kid-friendly Activities Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Travis County Master Gardeners invite you to visit the Earth-Kind Gardening Field Day 2022 for ideas, advice, and DIY workshops. Free and open to the public, rain or shine, this fun, hands-on fair involves community members in creative, low-cost ways to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit to improve the family diet as well as information about Earth-Kind landscaping. Travis County Master Gardeners offer university-based… Read More →

Gossamer Winged Butterflies by Wizzie Brown

Gossamer winged butterflies, family Lycaenidae, are the second largest family of butterflies after Nymphalidae. There are over 6,000 species in the world with over 100 species in North America. Characteristics of Gossamer Winged Butterflies Adults are small, usually under 5 cm, brightly colored, and often metallic. Many species will have tails on the hindwing. The larvae are flattened and slug-like and have a gland that releases a sugary substance similar to honeydew that is used to “bribe” ants for protection. Lycaenindae is split into 7 subfamiles, 3 of… Read More →

Master Gardener Plant Clinic and Tool Sharpening at Sunset Valley SFC Farmers Market

Master Gardener Plant Clinic and Tool Sharpening at Sunset Valley SFC Farmers Market The Master Gardeners Plant Clinic and Tool Sharpening at Sunset Valley SFC Farmers Market can answer questions on worm composting, vegetable gardening, landscaping small spaces, butterfly gardening, the best plants for the Austin area, fertilizers, and pest management. The demonstration for this date is on tool care and sharpening. Bring your garden tool to the market and learn how to take care of it. In addition to sharing their experience and training, several publications are… Read More →