Travis County 4-H

 For those new and/or overwhelmed with the many opportunities available through 4-H,

call the Extension office at 512-854-9600.

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How to Join 4-H in Travis County…

The decision has been made – the kids are joining 4-H. But how? You may be new to town and not know anyone who participates in the program. So what should you do?
The easiest solution – call the Travis County Extension Office at (512) 854-9600 and ask for Mellanie or John. We will direct you to a club that will be close to you and provide you with the appropriate contact information for the leader of that club.
You should then contact the leader and discuss the club’s activities and programs to ensure that it will be a good match for your family. The club leader will also assist you in completing the on-line registration process. You may also decide that the family adults should become involved and the club leader can assist you with information on such roles as well. (Please note there is a background check involved for all adults working with youth.)
Once the registration process has been completed on the club level, the county office will review the submitted registrations. Adult registrants get to this stage after the background check has been completed. The final action is the approval by the county office.

Welcome to Travis County 4-H!

Information about upcoming events and activities may be found at:  4-H Travis County Blog

Did You Know…

4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.



4-H Contact Information

Mellanie Mickelson
County Extension Agent
4-H and Youth Development

John Riegler
4-H Administrative Assistant


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