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Soil Nutrient Management for Travis County

Soil and soil nutrient management are the basis for successful gardening during drought or deluge. Soil provides the structure to store water and nutrients for plants to root and grow. Join Dr. Jake Mowrer, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at Texas A&M University to learn soil basics. Dr. Mowrer will cover soil physical and chemical properties, nutrient uptake, testing, and fertilizers. He will also take questions for specific soil challenges found in Travis County, as time allows. Register Now, Live Program Has Limited Capacity Due to technological constraints,… Read More →

Soil Solarization Eliminates Weeds and Pests

Your August Gardening Project Most people in the Austin area try to forget about the heat of summer, but there is one gardening project that is perfect for August. Research by horticulturists of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has found that soil solarization can suppress weeds both short and long term and is best done during the hottest days of the year. A Drastic Solution? Soil sterilization may sound like a drastic solution, but it’s actually an environmentally friendly way of using the sun to control soilborne… Read More →